Reagan Colby is a 15-year-old squire at the Academy of Knights. She is the best sword wielder in her class, and she dreams of becoming First Knight for King Godwine, the ruler of Nitedque (nyte-ed-kee).


There is just one problem getting in her way...

Reagan is terrified of riding horses.

Our young squire lost her mother in a tragic horse-riding accident five years ago. And because magick is banned in the kingdom - although Reagan and her siblings Draven and Lucas have magickal abilities to assist in healing injuries - Helen Colby died in intense pain and agony.

Still reeling from the loss of her mother, Reagan has more than her fear of horses to contend with as she prepares to move to the role of Commander-At-Arms: she’s in love with her best friend, Benko Wyatt. He’s an orphan who found a home in Nitedque almost ten years ago, and they have

taken a blood oath to marry each other and become

life mates when Reagan turns 17 if

no other suitable male is presented to her before then.


There is a waging war between Nitedque and the Sindycate (sin-dee-cut): Wraithmakers are stealing souls well before their time is up.

Will Reagan choose to follow her heart and be with Benko, no matter what challenges they face? Will she overcome her fear of riding horses so she can defend her kingdom from the soul-stealing Wraithmakers? What will happen to her family while all of this is happening, and decades-old secrets involving King Godwine are brought to life?

Find out in this first installment of Melanie A. Doan's YA Dark Fantasy series “Knights of the Wraithmaker”, available on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021!